The 12 Tips Of Christmas 2021

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The Twelve Tips Of Christmas

It’s exactly a week until Christmas.

In in the spirit of all that is money, I’m re-gifting readers my simple ’12 tips of Christmas’ from last year.

They’re all still relevant, and serve as evergreen tips for people either just starting out, or those looking to take the next step in financial competency.

The 12 tips:

  1. Construct a budget
  2. Make a debt plan
  3. Stop worrying about (Plan 2) student loans
  4. ‘Max out’ your company pension
  5. Goal setting
  6. Save an emergency fund
  7. Open a Lifetime ISA
  8. Invest your first £25
  9. Set up a regular investment strategy
  10. Claim your work from home tax
  11. Question everything
  12. Remember to strike a balance

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