🔗 Useful Links & Resources

Below are a number of useful links to sites that will help you make the most of your money. Whether that’s paying down debt, optimising your spending or saving and investing…there’s a little bit of advice hidden amongst these sites for everyone…

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First ports of call:

U.K Personal Finance Flowchart – Don’t know where to start? Right here would do it. Learn what you should be prioritising at the start of your personal finance journey.

Money Saving Expert – Our financial lord and saviour, Martin Lewis, presents financial advice in a clear and simple manner. This should be the first site you visit looking to kick-start getting your finances in order.

Money Advice Service – Government funded money advice service.

Keep up to date with the BBC – The BBC’s Business page is a great place to keep up to date with the latest financial news: from personal finance to market movements; company collapses and economic uncertainties this page provides an easy catch-up when eating your morning corn flakes.

Facebook groups:

Meaningful Money

Money to the Masses

Financial Independence London

YouTube channels:

MamaFurFur – Investing, savings, budgeting, family finance (U.K).

The Plain Bagel – Investing, stock market info., investing basics (U.S) (as referenced in this post).

Graham Stephan – US based with a focus on real estate investing, optimisation and budgeting.

Matt D’Avella – Optimising; prioritising; minimalism and generally how to live a more stress free life.

PensionCraft – UK based investing channel providing news, tools and explainers for a range of experiences.

Interactive tools:

Income tax calculator – Find out how much your take-home is with this simple tool.

Mortgage repayment calculator – Handy tool to see how overpaying could speed up paying off your house.

Compound interest calculator – See how much of an effect compounding can have on your long-term investments.


Tim Hale’s Smarter Investing – Prefer a physical book? Tim Hale’s 3rd edition provides an excellent read for anyone interested in investing.

The Meaningful Money Handbook – Pete Matthews from Meaningful Money shares his wisdom as a Chartered Financial Planner.


Monevator’s list of low cost brokers – Make this your first port of call when looking for an investment broker.

Equities explained – What is a share? What is a fund? How does tax work with investments and more…?

What is an index fund? – The what, how and why of one of the most popular investment vehicles.

Compound interest explained – Learn about the 8th wonder of our time.

Compound interest explained (2) – Simple and concise video on the concept.


Finding lost pensions – The government’s pension finder, allowing you to find old pensions from jobs from yesteryear.


StepChange – Always on hand to chat over the phone if you’re worried about debt.

National Debtline – Another charity offering free, impartial advice. It’s never too late to get your finances on track.

Dealing with debt – Which? the U.K’s largest, independent consumer magazine gives some helpful hints on dealing with debt.

The FIRE movement:

An Introduction to F.I.R.E – Mr Money Mustache’s article that paved the way for the FIRE movement and realising that early retirement is achievable.

What everyone is getting wrong about F.I.R.E – Speaks for itself.


Have any questions? – Have something niche you want to ask that isn’t answered in any of the above? Create yourself an account and jump into the UKPF (U.K Personal Finance) community where you’re sure to find your answer.

These will be updated frequently