About Me

I’m an advocate for simplicity, frugality (without deprivation) and trying to find meaning amongst the growing online noise and discontent.

I’m an admirer of the FIRE movement, but don’t follow it religiously and also don’t think anyone can achieve it despite its claims. But I believe the principles it teaches are second to none, and can open up ways of thinking you might never have considered before.

It reinforces the ever-important ideas of purpose and intentionality, both in our spending and saving habits and also what we want out of our lives.

It helps us to consider the concept of value in the things we do, and the reasons why we do them, and makes us take a step back from all the noise online that’s becoming ever louder and more aggressive and divisive.

In a world where everything has to be quicker, bigger, ‘better’ and faster, all while constantly competing with each other with picture perfect instagram moments…I want to take a step back and reexamine a better and more sustainable way of thinking.

“I wonder how it is that people’s philosophies have come to spin faster than the changing seasons.”
Masanobu Fukuoka, Farmer and Philosopher

About the Blog

This blog is primarily intended to help continue the conversation around personal finance and investing.

There are far better qualified and well researched websites out there, but I hope, if this is one of the first places you land on these topics, it can help point you in the right direction while picking up a few tips and thoughts along the way.

It’s not just personal finance and investing I’ll be discussing either. I talk about simple living and trying to re-connect with the things we find most meaningful, rather than accepting the usual life trope of:

  • School
  • Work is your whole identity for the next 40+ years
  • Retire at 65 (if we’re lucky)
  • Dead before you can enjoy your pension

So this blog will branch off from time to time, and will even include some things I find interesting which may only have a slight relevance to money, such as when I discussed the video game crash of 1983.

Navigating the Blog

Super simple.

If you’re looking to find some great resources to help with your personal finance and/ or investing related queries, follow the ‘Start Here‘ drop down menu.

If you just want to read about what I have to say, jump into ‘Posts’, where you’ll find all sorts of different categories to choose from.

I also recommend some of my favourite podcasts on personal finance, as well as some completely unrelated to money.

And finally, I write a regular diary on everything I buy and sell within my ‘fun’ Freetrade GIA (General Investment Account). You can see my current holdings and all past posts here.



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    1. Hi Xailter! great to have you on my blog! I don’t currently have emails set up but this is definitely something I’ll be introducing in the near future. You can always follow my on WordPress for any new posts 🙂


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