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I’m a big reader. I read everything and anything and is my favourite medium to learn new things and relax after a long day.

However, modern times don’t often allow for people to be able to sit down for an hour to clear their mind and get lost in a book. The alternative? Podcasts.

Below I have listed some of my favourite podcasts around personal finance, the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) movement, market news and much, much more…enjoy:

Meaningful Money (U.K) – Hosted by Pete Matthews, a Chartered Financial Planner based in Penzance, U.K, this is great starting point to the world of personal finance podcasts. From budgeting and investing to mortgages and debt management, Pete succinctly breaks down the jargon and allows anybody to understand and take a grip of their finances.

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The Money to the Masses (U.K)- As the name suggests, Damien Fahy – along with his co-host Andy Leeks – untangles the complexity of the financial world and makes investing appear like less of a rich mans game. He also records a weekly show every Wednesday, ‘Damien’s Midweek Markets’, where he talks about the goings on within the world financial markets and explains the reasoning behind any fluctuations in index and company share prices.

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This is Money (U.K) – Editor, Simon Lambert and host Georgie Frost discuss the financial news of the following week, digging into the details and offering suggestions for people to better their financial awareness. This laid back show sees the hosts not being afraid to, at times, voice their own opinions and give examples from their own personal experiences.

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Money Box (U.K) – Usually tackling current affairs in the financial world, this one offers something slightly different with their ‘Money Clinic’ series. In this series, introduced by Ruth Alexandra, Money Box takes a look into the lives of ordinary people and digs deep into their relationships with money and each other. Well worth a listen with many tit bits  of information and advice on not just how to physically manage money, but also how deal with the psychological barriers and obstacles that money often puts in the way.

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ChooseFI (U.S) – The bible of the FIRE podcast world. This podcast covers too much to cover in just one summary, but will open your eyes to a whole new way of looking at your finances and optimising your life. The two hosts, Jonathan and Brad, retired a number of years ago after practising Mr Money Mustache’s shockingly simply maths behind early retirement in their 30s. I implore anyone seeking something new to give this pod a listen.

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Maven Money (U.K) – Andy Hart presents his no nonsense approach investing and wealth creation. Andy is very straight talking and matter of fact on the dos and don’ts while clearly outlining actionable strategies to your personal finance needs.

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Money 101 (U.K) – Another podcast by BBC Sounds. Bea Duncan presents Money 101, ‘her journey to financial literacy’. Much more surface level compared to the rest on this list, but certainly one that deserves to be on here. As she herself admits, “I’m 22, I’ve never paid tax, I’ve not started paying back my student loan”, so serves as a great starting point for young people to hear from someone a lot younger, starting their educational journey from scratch. She and her guests cover a range of topics from student loans to crowdfunding; from investing to mortgages.


Cash Chats (U.K) – Andy Webb from becleverwithyourcash.com has won numerous awards for his money management advice site and takes this knowledge to an easy-to-listen podcast show. Andy doesn’t talk about investing or market news, but tackles all things savings accounts, shopping for discounts, loans and mortgages and everything in-between. He also hosts a monthly segment where he breaks down the best savings accounts available at that time in the U.K.

Cash Chats

Money Clinic with Claer Barrett (U.K) – This is fast becoming one of my favourites. The Financial Times’ Consumer Editor, Claer Barrett, hosts the show and aims to help listeners with their issues and queries on all things finance and consumer related. In order to get the best guidance, Claer invites a range of financial professionals to get to the root of caller questions.

The Money Clinic

Ask Martin Lewis (U.K) – The face of personal finance, Martin Lewis, brings his wealth of knowledge to the podcast format. Assisted by 5 Live’s Emma Barnett, Martin answers calls from listeners to give advice on all number of money related queries. Nothing is out of bounds, and if he doesn’t have an exact answer one show, he’ll come back and answer it (after considerable research) the next.

Ask Martin Lewis

Behind The Money (World) – Another one rising in the ranks of my favourites list. This one is less about personal finance, but a fascinating listen nonetheless. Hosted by the Financial Times’ Aimee Keane, this show dives into the world of high profile corruption, exploitation, fraud, failures and successes of banks, big business and famous names. As is typical with the FT, the research put into these case studies is incredible and something unique I haven’t found in any other money related podcast.

Behind the Money

The Wiser Money Podcast (U.K) – This is another great starter podcast. Hosted by Chartered Wealth Manager, Will Vaughan, this show offers a bite-sized breakdown of the basics of investing, home ownership and tax. There’s no fluff or ads, just 15-20 minute segments that tear apart complex topics and piece them back together in an easy to understand manner.

Wiser Money

The Money Maze Podcast (World) – Simon Brewer and Will Champion have been in the world of finance and investment banking since they left University and bring their wealth of knowledge to this unique podcast. Interviewing top people from big names such as Schroder’s, De La Rue, Fidelity and many more, you’ll get an incredible insight into how these investment and baking Goliaths operate.

Secret Leaders (World) – Less of a money podcast with more of a business/start-up focus, but certainly worth a listen for some interesting back-stories to some of the world’s most well-known companies. Interviews with the founders of MyProtein, Bloom and Wild, and Starling Bank provide and interesting insight into how companies cope with exponential growth and even provide an idea on what it takes for a company to go public.