10. Claim Your Work From Home Tax – 12 Tips Of Christmas

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Claim Your Work From Home Tax

Merry Christmas and welcome to the tenth post of my 12 Tips Of Christmas series. 

These are a series of posts that will be going out on the lead up to Christmas and the New Year to help guide you towards a better money mindset with an aim to give you a base knowledge of personal finance.

This is a super quick one.

Most of us have worked from home at some point this year. If you haven’t already, you can claim tax relief on additional expenses you may have been subject to because you’re working from home and using more heating or have had to purchase additional items to help.

This has long been the case, but has come more to the fore due to the pandemic forcing many to work from home who would otherwise not have done so.

Even if you’ve only worked 1 day from home, you may still be eligible.

HMRC have even set up a dedicated microsite here to make the process as easy as possible. You can also read more about the process and how much you could be owed through Martin Lewis’ blog post here.

I’ve done it myself and it only took about 5 minutes. As long as you do this a good few weeks in advance of next months pay, you should receive the additional money back in that pay packet.

It won’t be a huge amount, but any little helps.

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