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Remember To Question Everything

Merry Christmas and welcome to the twelfth post of my 12 Tips Of Christmas series. 

These are a series of posts that will be going out on the lead up to Christmas and the New Year to help guide you towards a better money mindset with an aim to give you a base knowledge of personal finance.

And now we come to the final post of the 12 Tips Of Christmas series.

I can hear some in the back rows sighing “finally”, but I hope the last 11 +1 posts have served to get people thinking about the basics of their finances.

In this final post I want to remind people that, despite everything that’s been previously discussed: budgeting, debt management, saving and investing, we still need to enjoy our time on this planet. I don’t think that’s been made more obvious than this last year.

At the end of the day, money is just a tool we want to wield in order to give ourselves as much freedom as possible.

Money might not always create happiness, but it certainly gives us choice and opportunity – whatever they may be.

But along that journey towards financial freedom, we want to still allow ourselves to enjoy ourselves along the way.

Of course, this needs to still be done in moderation – like with anything – and alongside our overall financial plan. We don’t want to create more debt in order to enjoy the odd night down the pub or the annual summer holiday, but these events will give us some respite on the long and seemingly endless journey towards our financial goals.

But we will get there eventually if we’re smart and patient, and if we say yes to the occasional social event or treat.

Meeting a friend for a coffee might require buying what is essentially overpriced hot milk, but the value in seeing a chum you may not have met with in a while, as well as being able to sip something warm and comforting in a welcoming environment, for me, more than outweighs the cost.

Just because you’re starting to get your financial life in order doesn’t mean you need to live the rest of your life micro-analysing every decision you make going forward.

Paying down debt is hard and a huge commitment. Making the decision to start investing is scary at first, and pensions can seem confusing and too far off to worry about. But probably one of the hardest things we can do along the financial journey, is striking the perfect balance between financial maturity and enjoying ourselves.

After all, people work hard for their money. We spend so much of our lives committed to helping make someone else a fortune, why not give yourself a treat from time to time.

I suppose the trick with this comes back to my first post ‘1. Construct a Budget‘ (how cyclical – well done me). If you’ve budgeted appropriately, and spent some time allocating yourself a portion of your income for these ‘fun’ spends, then all the more power to you to go on enjoying your money while continuing to strive for financial future.

And with that, Happy New Year everyone and enjoy your evening however you’re managing to spend it. Here’s to 2021.

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