Inside a stocks and shares ISA with Hargreaves Lansdown

Inside an S&S account image

Disclaimer – This isn’t an advert for Hargreaves Lansdown or advice suggesting this is the best platform for you. It’s incredibly important to do your own research on which investment platform will suit your own individual needs. 

A lot of the time, getting started on your investment journey is often the hardest part of investing.

Apathy towards actually getting started and dipping your first £50 into the market’s waters, can often be the biggest obstacle with many continuing to put off investing as a job for another day.

But we all know that time IN the market often beats timING the market, so the sooner we get started, the better. You’re also already invested in other ways anyway so it shouldn’t be too much of an alien concept to most. So why not make today the start of your financial investment journey?

The catalyst for me to allow myself to put my hard-earned money into something that could potentially decrease in value, was when a friend showed me inside his account; seeing how it looked; seeing the menus and how easy it was to buy and sell funds (free on HL) and mostly that it wasn’t as intimidating as I first thought. Being able to visualise the inner workings of such an account really settled any uncertainties I had previously harboured.

So here’s a look inside an S&S account with Hargreaves Lansdown for anyone who has never the inside of one before…


Login homepage screen

HL 1

Once you’ve logged in, you’re faced with a list of all the accounts you hold with HL. Clicking on the account brings you to our next screen…

Portfolio overview

Picture 1

This is where all your holdings are listed. Whether that’s individual shares, funds, bonds, ETFs etc., everything is listed here, along with the invested amount (how much you’ve put into each holding), investment value (how much the investments are worth) and any gains or losses (reflected as a percentage and also in it’s monetary value).

You can also see how much you hold in cash (any money not invested but still in your account) at the top and a suggested cash amount in order to pay any account fees.

There are also a number of other tabs just below; we won’t be covering them all, just the most important ones relevant to this post.

Pending orders

HL 4

Just as the tab suggests, this is where you’ll find any transactions that are due to be invested, whether that’s your regular, monthly investments or any lump sums.

Account administration

HL 5

This tab contains all the boring but necessary stuff: fees, bank accounts associated with the account and how you want to receive any income generated from your investments.

Monthly savings

HL 6

Here you can adjust your monthly savings amounts or add money to any new or existing funds which will then be deposited into your account each month, automatically. These are taken from your nominated debit account on the 7th of each month and usually take 3-5 workings days to show in your portfolio overview.

The minimum monthly investment is £25.

Add money

HL 7

This section allows you to deposit a lump sum into your account. This is added to your account as ‘cash’ as a default where you can either leave it in cash, or choose to invest it straight away through the ‘place a deal’ link under the ‘pending orders tab’.

The minimum lump sum deposit is £100.

This section also notifies you about how much of your ISA allowance you have used and how much you have left.

Portfolio analysis

HL 2

We’re going back to the first page for this one. Simply click on the ‘portfolio analysis’ tab along from the tab that lists all you HL accounts. Click the ‘analyse my entire portfolio’ and HL will give you a full, detailed breakdown of all your holdings and how much of your holdings are held in certain countries and sectors (finance, commodities, oil and gas etc.).

This is an incredibly useful tool and breaks this information down for you in a number of different visual formats: tables, graphs and even a handy heatmap showing the breakdown of your investments as a percentage by geographical area.


I hope this little breakdown of an investment account, and the accompanying images, serve as somewhat of a reassurance to anyone still tentative about opening up an account because they’re not sure what to expect.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below or message me directly.

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