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I write a regular series on any share purchases or sales I make in my Freetrade app GIA.

Below you’ll find every entry I’ve made so far…

Remember, none of this is advice, it’s just my opinion and a record of activity within my GIA. Please do your own research before investing in anything.

Current Portfolio Distribution

Latest Diary Entries

Free Shares Received

Share namePrice at time receivedDate received
Standard Life (£SLA)£3.177 February 2020
European Small Companies (£JESC)£3.987 February 2020
American Investment (£JAM)£4.1711 March 2020
Scottish American (£SAIN)£3.421 April 2020
Indian Investment (£JII)£4.6615 April 2020
MoneySuper (£MONY)£3.1022 April 2020
Edinburgh Investment (EDIN)£4.3713 May 2020
Team17£7.9216 Dec 2020
Avast£5.3413 Jan 2021