Moving Further from Freetrade (not their fault)

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Anyone who has followed this blog for some time has known I’m a big fan of the investment app, Freetrade, with a regular monthly diary I wrote back in 2020 on the different plays I made over that period.

Free share dealing, a wealth of stock, bond, fund, and ETF options to choose from, and great customer service.

I’ve also admired their stance on ‘trading’ and their insistence on not opening up short selling or margin call options; their focus is entirely dedicated towards long-term investing.

They also have a fantastic blog which does less to advertise the platform itself (which you’d expect from business blog), and more towards educating their customer base – and potential customer base – on the tricky world of the financial markets.

A little less known ‘freebie’ they also offer is their ‘Honey by Freetrade‘ newsletters. These come in a variety of styles and offer investment insights, histories and current topics directly to your inbox. I’ve tried their ‘weekend reads’ out now for nearly a year and have read every single one from top to bottom.

Now I have have waxed lyrical and possibly appeared like a freelance spokesman for Freetrade over the last three years of this blog (reviewing the app was my first ever post), but I’m slowly moving away from the platform – at least in the short to medium term.

There’s absolutely no negative reason for this as I’ve only ever had positive experiences with the app.

I’m not moving away totally – I’m still holding my Disney shares for the long-term – but I’m going to start diverting my focus, and money within the account, towards other ventures, namely a house deposit.

I’ve sold down almost everything now that was within my Freetrade portfolio. My final share to ‘dump’ will be Unilever once it returns from the doldrums and recovers from a woeful attempt at acquiring GSK (GlaxoSmithKline).

I’ll be keeping my account open with Disney still pride of place and to possibly make any plays in the future (feel free to sign up and get us both a free share if you so choose).

My final fire sale saw me sell both Pets at Home and Biffa at around a 50% gain, Diageo and Wetherspoons at around 10/15%, and Cloudflare at about 120%.*

It’s not all successes however (investing never is and we should be open about the fact) having purchased Coinbase at the end of last year but sold at a small loss. Looking back over the couple of years I also bought and sold Sirius Mineral at around a 65% loss.

So that’s me with Freetrade for a while. I’m sure I’ll return to individual shares at some point, but for now life requires the funds to be allocated elsewhere.

*Not including dividend gains.

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