2021: A Year in Review

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2020’s financial goals were a pretty mixed bag.

I decided not to aim for anything specific in 2021 and continue as per with a few mini-goals that I didn’t properly nail to the mast as a ‘must achieve’.

I wrote a few more ‘what is…‘ posts which I really enjoy doing and feel gives a little more substance to a blog about trying to help people learn more about the wider world of money.

We had a little hiatus for a few months owing to some personal events.

The Freetrade diaries are a lot less regular due to less activity on the account. I’ve made some recent sales and am continuing to consolidate it right down to relocate funds towards a future house deposit.

I’m going to keep larger holding in Disney and a few other dividend paying shares, but won’t hold onto many of the more speculative plays.

I made a decent return on these plays such as Wetherspoons, but I’m taking my wins on shares like these and running for the hills.

I’ve been considering dipping my toe into Crypto, but can’t for the life of me figure out how. Coinbase seems like the easiest way of doing this.

My LISA was maxed and any additional savings have started to be directed towards my Premium Bonds as a secondary house deposit account. I’ll make a full post on my returns on PBs after a full year of holding some so readers can compare.

I’m at a nice point with my HL fund investments and am only contributing the minimum £25 to the All-Cap just to keep things ticking over; my main focus at the moment is growing the house pot.

The car is costing a little more than it usually does as it nears its 10th birthday, but I think it’s only natural given its age. Its got to the point where I’m even considering a cheap finance deal that includes everything (insurance etc.) just to avoid the hassle. But with my main focus being building the house deposit, I don’t quite want to commit to X hundred pounds coming out each month just yet though.

I’m torn on the house situation. I absolutely cannot afford anything big enough to even keep shoes in, but don’t think it’ll be too long until I could get maybe a 1-bed flat or something of the like.

It’s forever a conflict between – if I could afford somewhere – do I want to tie myself down to a place for the next 5 of so years, or do I want to keep my options open as a mid/late 20 something year old?

I don’t really want to live in my hometown for much longer, but moving anywhere interesting is not only expensive, but just unachievable on your tod.

A sure-fire way to piss someone off struggling to buy a house is to tell them to “just move up north”. To which my response is, “sure I’ll just move hundreds of miles away from family and friends, and everything I know, to a city that’s fast becoming as expensive as the south anyway, or the towns where you don’t know anyone and it’s harder to meet new people”. You’ll also struggle to ‘move up north’ if you already live…in the north.

Who knows. It’s difficult to minutely plan for anything anymore, financial or otherwise; all I’ll be doing is smashing the LISA, ‘Premium Bonding’ any excess, keeping the investments ticking over and blowing the rest on pillows and beer.

Overall, 2021 was a real rollercoaster both financially and personally:

  1. Started badly
  2. Got better
  3. Went downhill
  4. Went downhill more
  5. Then ended really great

So here’s to a 2021 to both forget and remember. Everything is a learning curve and adds to our experiences and knowledge no matter how old we get.

2022 promises to be yet another unknown. I’ll consider it a win if it’s just simply an alright one.

Happy New Year.

4 thoughts on “2021: A Year in Review

  1. Interesting read as always. You don’t seem to have any high risk/high reward aspect to your portfolio. You should definitely get into crypto. Coinbase will do just fine to get started then you need to look at DeFi. Really safe 20% returns to be made in stablecoin yields.


    1. Thanks John!
      My funds – which are my main investments and which I don’t disclose on this blog for some level of anonymity – are all in either 100% equities and/or specific active funds. But yeah I am looking for something a little higher risk to make up maybe 5% of what I own.

      I am a little cautious of ‘really safe’ and ‘20% return’ in the same sentence I’ll be honest, but Coinbase is certainly somewhere I’ll look to start off with.


      1. Just reading back over this and thought I would comment on the really safe and 20% aspect. Once you are in crypto decentralised finance, your whole risk compass re-aligns. When 10% per day becomes high risk and 100% a month becomes possible with a medium risk tolerance, 20% per annum really does feel low risk. 😁


  2. Good to read that the year ended up going well for you – 2021 was a weird one I think for all of us.

    I’d argue that you don’t need to go into crypto to go high risk – individual shares can provide that and at least you understand what you are putting your money into and what you are getting (a share of a company) and there is public information on such companies available. No need to succumb to FOMO!

    Anyway, all the best for 2022 and good luck with saving for the house deposit.

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