Disconnecting to reconnect

I have been absent for a while.

I may have posted once or twice over the last few months, but I’ll be honest, my heart was never really in them.

I had Covid; I struggled with socialising; I looked after some huskies. Those things may have been a factor.

I couldn’t get petrol for a while, so I could have done some then but I chose walking the dogs instead.

Work has also been busy, but no more so than at the end of last year when posts and motivation were at an all-time high.

I have loads of half-written posts too. None of which inspire a good session of hammering out some words and turning them into something I’d be happy to publish.

A prevailing sense of doom and gloom hasn’t helped. Not just in the finance world where a one bedroom bolt hole seems unattainable on one salary, but also in the wider fractious society we’re constantly told is on the verge of collapse.

I read less news now than I ever have done, but the god awful mainstream scare-mongering and clickbait alarmist sensationalism still seep into my everyday life and effect my mood greatly.

We’ve never been more divided as a society. We’ve never been more hateful or unsympathetic to one another (on either side of the political spectrum).

I’ve never been more pleased to be off all forms of social media.

I do use LinkedIn quite regularly and even that’s turning into Facebook 2.0; I really couldn’t care less about your newborn baby pics, that’s not what the platform is for.

I’ve had some time away in Brighton seeing a friend. That’s a nice place. An actual city where people smile at each other when their eyes meet in the street…here’s looking at you, London…actually no, not looking, you might think I’m starting on you and rob my glasses or something.

I think it’s something about being by the sea that makes everything seem 5% better.

Of course, I could never afford to live there – thank you property market. So I’ll continue to live in one of the 303,552 soulless commuter towns up and down the country with all its brutalist, grey buildings and crack heads that have lost their way.

I don’t blame them. Slipping through the cracks is even easier to do than ever.

I don’t really know what the point in this post is. I’d really like to get back into this cathartic pastime I had six months ago, but I find myself continually turning to something that helps me disconnect completely like a video game.

Listening to Paul Scholes’ punditry isn’t helping right now; what a boring bloke. Maybe he should stick to chewing his daughter’s toes.

At least we won’t be in lockdown this Christmas. Things need to continue going back to normal now, I’ve heard no compelling arguments why another one would be beneficial. Our numbers are far better than any in Europe. Not least the mental health toll it’d have on many.

Anyway…more posts soon. Next one is on why I am not yet onboard with ESG investing.

5 thoughts on “Disconnecting to reconnect

  1. Wow… Brutally honest.
    The pandemic has completely turned society upside down, both directly and indirectly. Nobody remains unchanged.
    Find out what is important in your life and go out and engage with that. Let the rest of life just happen!

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  2. Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear that you had COVID and that a relationship ended – hope you are ok.

    My head’s been too full with sorting out my house and work so I have less than half an eye/ear on the news, which means I’m not really letting all the doom and gloom get to me. My immediate friends and family are what’s important, I can’t deal with what is happening in the ‘wider world’ so just concentrating on my own life.

    Hope you are able to get out of this ‘funk’ but at the end of the day, just start writing again when the process of writing feels good to you.


    1. Thank you Weenie. Yeah everything is a lot better now. I actually started writing that when it was all still quite fresh nearly two months ago – that’s how apathetic I’ve been with writing.

      I hope there’s been some progress with your cladding issue on your house; truly the scandal of the decade. It’s absurd this is falling completely on the owners.

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