8 non-money related podcasts you need to try.

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I’ve had very little motivation to write the last few weeks – hence the lack of posts.

Between that and buying myself a Nintendo Switch, it’s made for a whole lack of productivity.

I have about 3 posts all half written that will be coming out soon. One on app trading platforms, one on how just the name alone of financial products puts people off and one on the FIRE triangle.

But I think the FIRE community could do with taking a break from time to time, from constantly thinking about optimising finances and the seemingly endless pursuit of accumulation. The UK FIRE forums on Reddit are pretty good with this, but some of the US forums are full of gatekeepers who appear to have nothing but time on their hands and scolding people who even hint at spending a penny on something lavish.

So to get myself out of my unmotivated funk, this post is going to talk about some of my favourite non-money related podcasts.

For money related podcast recommendations, <<click here>>.

Whether you want to laugh, think or dive into a topic you’d never considered before, I’m sure at least one of the below will appeal to anyone reading…

That Peter Crouch Podcast

Don’t be immediately put off if you’re not into football.

Hosted by former footballer, Peter Crouch (obviously) and co-hosts BBC Sport journalist, Tom Fordyce and BBC Radio 1 host, Chris Stark.

This show delves into the life of being a footballer, from celebrations and swapping shirts, to what happens on the lead up to an away game.

But this shouldn’t put off any non-football fans. They cover it all!

It’s a really interesting insight to everything off the pitch too and how these people – with more money than most of us could dream of – go about purchasing their mega mansions when moving to the other side of the country, or the types of cars some footballers buy, or the parties they throw. They even discuss footballers’ over-reliance on other people helping them do the simplest of things like cooking and washing.

Overall it’s just an interesting look inside a world that us normalos rarely get the chance to see into.

Infinite Monkey Cage

The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting a keyboard for an infinite amount of time will eventually type out any given text i.e the complete works of Shakespeare. Amazingly, some people refute this *face palm*.

This podcast, hosted by Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince, dives into the worlds of science, philosophy and mathematics to explore the universe’s most incredible events and theories.

In each episode the two hosts are accompanied by at least one other comedian and one expert in their field (usually a few more) which makes for a fantastic mix of interesting and deep discussions, but with a light-hearted and comedic undertone.

I highly recommend the episode ‘In Praise of Flies’. Dr Erica McAlister is hilarious but incredibly knowledgable on her specialist subject. Usually the comedians are the funniest guests on, but Erica gives David Baddiel a run for his money in this one.

I was always rubbish at science as school, but this has got me thoroughly interested in the world and mysterious universe beyond, so I highly recommend this podcast.

Just don’t expect to understand everything that’s being discussed. But I see that as half the fun.

JackMaate’s Happy Hour – Rafael Rowe episode

Most episodes in this podcast won’t be for everyone. Hosted by YouTuber JackMaate and his friend Stevie, they usually get guests on within the YouTube community. So if you don’t watch a lot of YouTube, most episodes may not appeal.

BUT – and this is a big ‘but’ – there’s one episode you MUST listen to which is absolutely fascinating.

In one episode Jack invites on Raphael Rowe who hosts the Netflix series ‘Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons’.

He himself was convicted of a murder back in the 90s. The big catch being…he didn’t actually do it.

During this episode – all 2+ hours of it – Raphael goes into excruciating detail about how he was convicted, the injustices he experienced, life on the inside (including get chummy with one of the Cray twins) and how he was eventually released. I’ll leave it there as the episode is fantastic and don’t want to give too much away.

Just make sure you go and listen to it!

Joe Rogan – Sam Harris, Russell Brand, Brian Cox & Douglas Murray episodes

Joe Rogan hosts the most popular podcast in the world at the time of writing. After striking a deal with Spotify, it’s now worth a reported $100mil.

Owing to its popularity, he has hundreds of episodes with hundreds of guests. Because of this, most of the episodes I struggle to find any guests I even recognise, let alone am interested in. But that’s fine.

Like the JackMaate podcast above, I absolutely recommend listening to both episodes featuring Russell Brand and Brian Cox and the individual episodes featuring philosopher Sam Harris and author Douglas Murray. Fascinating discussions all in their own right and will have you gripped from the first minute to the last.

Joe Rogan does a really good job of being very knowledgeable about his guests and the deep topics discussed – from identity politics to the far reaching cosmos.

Go in with an open, unbiased mind and you’ll see the world and beyond like you haven’t seen it before.

BONUS – Sam Harris also features on a YouTube video discussion alongside Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett discussing their careers challenging theological close-mindedness. You can watch that <<here>>.

Ringer FC

This is specifically a football podcast, but a really good listen thanks to the two hosts: Ryan Hunn and Musa Okwongo.

I’ve never known two people, outside the immediate world of football, who know so much, not just about the English game, but the wider European game too.

Even if you’re not into football, it’s worth a quick listen just for Musa’s amazing laugh too.

Ian Wright also has a weekly feature called ‘Wrighty’s House’ where he discusses football from the perspective of one of the most wholesome and humble human beings the footballing world has ever produced.

I Could Murder a Podcast

This is a relatively new podcast so doesn’t have many episodes just yet but it’s a fun listen for anyone interested in true crime.

The two hosts (Tom and Ben) are clearly good mates and it makes for an easy listen while they look, in detail, at some interesting murder cases, including the Columbine Massacre, the Vegas shooting and the Yorkshire Ripper.

I know the genre is a little bloated at this point, but the two hosts bring a refreshing and respectable air to what is quite a horrific topic.

Banged Up

This one is an absolute cracker. Hosted by a prison lawyer, Claire, each episode takes a chronological journey through the modern U.K prison system; from arrest to release.

With her extensive knowledge of prison law where she has worked for many years, Claire interviews two ex-prisoners, Rob and Mike who talk through their own experiences and how they dealt with their time behind bars and what they hope to do going forward.

Each episode has a different theme. One will tackle their arrest, the next their conviction, the next their first night etc etc.

This podcast really changed my outlook on the average prisoner and the importance of reform. It was a really eye-opening listen and one that’s stuck with me since I first listened to it back in ~April/May time.

I actually reached out to the trio via email to commend them on the quality and openness of the podcast and what a good job Claire did at hosting and mediating the discussions. She kindly took the time and replied, thanking me for my email, which I think says it all about the authenticity of these three people and quality content they created.

History Hit

Son of legendary historian, Peter Snow, Dan Snow hosts a wonderful podcast on all things history.

Spanning almost every era and releasing new episodes almost daily, there will always be something you’re interested in learning about from the past. He also regularly invites experts on to talk about their expertise in a particular period of time and/ or event which just adds to how informative this podcast is.

It’s not too heavy going either. Each episode is only up to 40 minutes long, but the longer episodes usually mean a much more popular topic with a famous guest, so it’s well worth sticking with.

As is typical with historical events, a lot of the topics also relate back to the present day, bringing with it a lot context and meaning to what we might be experiencing right now. Whether its Trump’s impeachment, the rise of social media or how vaccine research today is heavily influenced by the events and works of historical figures hundreds of years ago, it’s all in there and more.


So hopefully there’s something in there for you to get your teeth into (or…ears?); something for everyone. As is probably evident I’m a huge fan of podcasts to the point where I rarely listen to music anymore.

So even if you’re not sure, give them a go…I’m 99% sure everyone reading this will find at least one of these interesting.

2 thoughts on “8 non-money related podcasts you need to try.

  1. I’m not a huge fan of podcasts but have listend to both Crouchie’s and the Infinite Monkey Cage and liked them both. Still prefer to consume my media via reading but do feel that I’m missing out somewhat that I can’t fit podcasts into my life.
    Thanks for the others too, a couple of them look really interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I find them really relaxing to listen to when working from home. I can’t listen to the radio or music so just listening to someone talk about a topic for a while weirdly helps me focus. Crouch’s new series is out to 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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