Freetrade Diary – Consolidation

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This is my first entry in the new Freetrade diary format.

I’ve decided I won’t be doing them as religiously month on month anymore, rather writing one of these anytime something actually happens.

Many times over the last few months I’ve sold and bought very little so there’s been little to write about come the end of the month. So I wanted to make these a little more meaningful – and a little more sporadic as a result – and update the diary whenever things change in my account.

Some months there may be multiple entries, others there may be none.

So first things first, I received a new free share: Avast!

Avast are a Czech cyber security company, going public in 2018 and have more than doubled since. They’ve been incredibly successful too having grabbed the second largest market share of anti-malware applications worldwide in that time.

With the digital age this could be a great long-term punt as we move more and more into the online world.

I actually bought, and subsequently sold, Avast last year before the lockdown for a small profit. I really like the stock but hadn’t fully committed to it in the long term so got rid to make way for another.

I suppose this was an early version of me consolidating my holdings to those shares I actually want to hold and believe in long term.

Maybe this will start being getting into Avast again.

UPDATE – Literally 10 minutes after posting this I got a targeted ad on YouTube for Avast. I’ve never received this before…even from someone that works in marketing this is freaky shit man!

Sell, Sell, Sell

I’ve also sold my small positions in Nvidia, AMD and Mastercard respectively.

I think these are great long-term plays if I was looking to pick stocks over funds, but I already hold Visa and I’m just not fully invested (PUN!!!) in either of the two tech stocks. Whenever they dipped, I never really wanted to buy into it and that is usually one of the tells for me that my money could be better placed elsewhere.

This has decreased my holdings to 9 in the Freetrade portfolio and I still have a few more I want to shift, but I either A) don’t want to sell for a loss or B) think there’s some short term room to grow still so will hold for now.

With these new found funds, I’m holding for now and haven’t bought anything.

Moonpig has just floated which intrigues me, but I’m yet to look into that yet and I’m down about 7% on Unilever which I could average down on but it’s not quite low enough just yet to justify it for me.

[Not] Addressing the GME Debacle

I won’t be commenting on this really. I have no stake in either side of this debate and have been a passive observer from the sidelines.

I’ll briefly talk about it as part of my next post – when I eventually finish it – but having been part of the WSB sub for some years now, it’s been a fascinating case study in human psychology (as if that subreddit wasn’t already).

It has been semi-amusing to hear people talking about it who would otherwise never be interested in investing – work, friends, family – and seem to think one BBC article read and they know the ins and outs of naked short selling and when the best time to take profits is.

Who knows, maybe the mistakes people have made from this will set them on a course to understand the markets a little better.

Despite everything, Freetrade have come out alright from this. Many people lost it over Trading 212 preventing them buying shares and not explaining why.

Freetrade has to halt trading on GME and AMC too, but at least explained the reasons for this, including a very open response from their Founder and CEO that trading was halted due to their FX partner and was NOT an active decision by them. This caused an explosion in new customers too which can only be a good thing for them.


Anyway, if you want to keep up with the sporadic Freetrade diary entries, I’ll be tidying up this page, when I can get my arse into gear, so you can check back on old posts.

I’m nearly done with my next post, so there should hopefully be more to come very soon.

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