Did I Hit My 2020 Goals?

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Last year I set myself some financial goals for 2020 as well as outlining my plans for the blog.

So I suppose it’s only right to round these off and check which I have succeeded in and those that haven’t come to fruition.

My 6 New Year’s Financial Resolutions

Invest a further £3k into my fund portfolio


The £3k was quite arbitrary but it meant I’d hit a nice round number in my fund portfolio if I achieved it. And I did!

It meant I had to contribute a little more in November and December but I reached the goal nonetheless. I’m a little gutted I didn’t take more advantage of the March dip – I did but not to the extent I could have done. Getting too wrapped up in hindsight can be a big detriment along our financial journey so I don’t dwell on these things much.

Buy some Premium Bonds


I contributed quite nice chunk to this in the first half of the year. I tend to use it as a place to put some cash before I dump it into my LISA at the end of the financial year. I’ve only one twice though, both times just £25.

Max out my LISA


I haven’t done this yet, but I have until April 5th. And it’s definitely something that will happen in the next few months so this is a ‘pending success’ at the moment.

Increase pension contributions to 20%

Not achieved!

I started in a new role at the end beginning of last year. The matched contributions aren’t as much as at my previous place so contributing an overall of 20% would see me contributing a lot more myself.

I have, however, maintained a decent 15% so I’m pretty pleased with that for now.

Increase holding in Disney to £1k (Freetrade)

Not achieved!

I did increase my holding quite a bit, but not quite £1k. I did add a few more shares at one of the lowest points too (which was a total fluke, I just added more because it was down), but I haven’t quite reached the amount I wanted to.

I feel like I may have missed the boat too given its rise at the end of last year. But we’ll see and owning more in this one specific share will help my consolidation plans for my Freetrade portfolio.

Spend more


I can’t really measure this one fairly with having no choice but to NOT spend anything being cooped up inside.

However, given the circumstances I have managed to be a little frivolous going on a few domestic trips when we were allowed and buying a few other bits and pieces.


I think I can say the last year was a financial success overall when looking back at my initial (pre-Covid) goals.

The main ones were achieved – or will be before April – and the smaller ones I had a good stab at, at least.

2020 Plans for the Blog

Monthly Freetrade diary


I hit this goal last week with the final post for December. I really enjoyed doing these and I think I’m going to continue them going forward. It was nice to have something regular but not too demoing (once a month) that meant I had at least one post going out a month.

Average 4 posts a month


I actually averaged ~5.4 posts a month.

I’m more pleased with the fact that I forgot about this goal and this came naturally because I enjoyed writing the posts rather than feeling like I had to keep it up.

Some months I posted only twice (April) – despite ironically being my 4th highest visitors month – and others I posted 15 times (December) – mostly due to my 12 Tips Of Christmas series. I don’t think I’ll have another goal like this but I’m quite pleased with the consistency.

Finish my project posts


Some of the ones I referred to in the original post still aren’t out but I did start and finish a number of others over the year like the video games crash of 1983 post. I’ll be doing a lot more ‘What is…‘ posts in the coming year.

Attend a FIRE meet-up

Not achieved!

I think we all know why this wasn’t possible…

Goals and plans for 2021…

I don’t have too many big plans for either over the next year. I’d love to do a meet-up but Covid isn’t allowing that currently and I’m not a huge fan of Zoom calls even with mates (I’m kind of an all or nothing person and Zoom calls are generally a little naff and awkward version of actually meeting up for me).

Maybe continuing the Freetrade diary and writing more evergreen ‘What is…’ content to help anyone reading understand the wider world of money and personal finance.

I’m looking at starting a recommendations series based around money/ finance video content – whether that’s a new Netflix money series or YouTube content.

I also want to take the blog to the next level with WordPress premium packages. I’d like to be able to do a lot more work behind the scenes with it in terms of domain names, SEO, customisation and other features. If anyone has any recommendations I’m all ears as I’m very much still learning…

As for financials, after hitting my round number for my funds, I’ll probably focus more on the house deposit, but I don’t have a particular number with this one.

Anyway, quite underwhelming on the goals front I know but everything is so uncertain at the moment I think I’ll stick more with the blog goals (diary and ‘What is…’) for now.

I’ll check back again next year with some thoughts on how this has progressed or not.

Final Word on 2020

And thank you to everyone who regularly visits the site.

Readership has really ramped up over the last year and in particular since October which is great to see after not much traffic over the first year of starting the blog. But this is teaching me that sticking with something consistently can pay off.

This is by no means a blog that’ll teach you everything about personal finance and investing. There are way more qualified people than me out there with much better access to research, but my hope has always been that this blog at least peaks people’s interest, and gives you links and the desire to go out and seek even more information on the topics discussed.

So thank you again. The comments sections will always be open to requests for topics you’d like me to consider talking about in future posts.

Stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Did I Hit My 2020 Goals?

  1. Good going on your 2020 goals. A shame you’re not a fan of Zoom – obviously not a patch on meeting people in real life but it’s better than no social contact at all, and I’ve been taking every opportunity to remain social, so I attended six FIRE meet ups last year and 3 investing ones. Can’t see pub meet ups being allowed any time soon!

    The next ‘London’ one is on Tues 19 Jan, the ‘Manchester’ one is on Fri 29th Jan, where yours truly has been roped into doing a presentation – is that enough to tempt you to join, haha? 🙂

    Anyway, all the best for 2021, whatever that may bring!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it’s because I work in tech and spend so much time thinking about and using Teams and Zoom it’s put me off using it in my spare time haha! I can totally see the attraction though. I’ve tended to just group WhatsApp while playing some online game over lockdown.

      The Friday one could potentially be an option for me!

      Liked by 1 person

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