Freetrade diary #12 – December

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Bit delayed for the final month of 2020 – I was a little busy outlining 12 brief tips for establishing a better financial future.

I didn’t buy anything in December but received a few dividends from Sony and Visa which was a nice little bonus.

And received my first free share in a while – thank you kind reader!

This time receiving something very relevant to one of my main hobbies: gaming.

It’s Team17!

Founded in 1990, Team17 produce some of the gaming world’s most addictive co-op games. Most notably Worms – the turn-based action game where players are pitted against each other until the last one (worm) is left standing, using all manner of quirky weapons and tools.

They also produced the Overcooked series as well as the prison-based mind-boggler, The Escapists.

All three of which I’ve played to varying levels of addiction and enjoyment; Worms being top of the list of favourites.

They’re quite a rarity in today’s gaming world, focusing more on cooperative, couch co-op styled games, rather than the more lucrative – and often more shallow – multiplayer formats that so many titles seem to include as standard now.

As for the portfolio as a whole, it’s risen quite dramatically since the last Freetrade entry.

This has been largely due to the positive sentiment around Disney’s steaming numbers and ambitious plans for future releases.

Disney’s stock price rocketed to all time highs early December off the back of announcements that subscriber numbers are continuing to grow, as well as plans to further extend its Star Wars shows and Pixar and live-action portfolio.

Of course we’re no way near out the woods with the virus, so parks and resorts will continue to post horrific (if any) numbers for us investors, but Disney’s decision to diversify into the world of streaming is proving to be their saving grace. This is despite the sector seeming already way overcrowded being dominated by the giants that are Netflix and Amazon.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the near 2 years of picking individual stocks (3 years for funds), it’s to never bet against our overlord mouse.

Not much else has really changed for the portfolio.

PETS continues to rise seeing a further 17% increase this month alone. But Wetherspoons saw a 9% hit off the back of further Covid restrictions.

Cloudflare has also had a little dip recently which has peaked my interest for the first time since my initial buy. This is one I’ve been very eager to increase my holding in, to the point where I’d like it up there with Disney.

By the time the next diary update rolls round, there could be larger plays in both Cloudflare and Wetherspoons on the cards.

I’m not considering anymore new plays at the moment either. I’d like to consolidate if anything and continue my divestment into riskier plays with this portfolio originally existing for that very reason while my main passive funds work their magic in the background.

We’ll see. Happy New Year and stay safe with the recent announcements.

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