The 12 Tips Of Christmas

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The Twelve Tips Of Christmas

On the run up to Christmas, I’ll be offering up one quick tip a day to assist you on getting to grips with the basics of your personal finances.

This year has been a hectic and complicated one. But over the next 12 posts, I’ll be stripping back all the complexity and offering up some quick-read, bite-sized tips.

There are way more qualified people than myself out there, but each one should hopefully get you at least thinking about your money in order to search much more well-known and reputable sources for further actionable guidance.

This will be mainly targeted at my age group – 20-30yo – but anyone will be able to take bits out of this and apply it to their own context.

So here is a a brief outline of what you can expect over the coming days:

  1. Construct a budget
  2. Make a debt plan
  3. Stop worrying about (Plan 2) student loans
  4. ‘Max out’ your company pension
  5. Goal setting
  6. Save an emergency fund
  7. Open a Lifetime ISA
  8. Invest your first £25
  9. Set up a regular investment strategy
  10. Claim your work from home tax
  11. Question everything
  12. Remember to strike a balance

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