Freetrade Announce 3% Interest on Cash Holdings

Freetrade have announced today that Plus members will receive 3% interest on the cash held in their accounts.

The £9.99 a month premium account will offer this up to maximum of £4,000.

The interest will be paid monthly and moves them up near the top of the interest rate savings charts, with this effectively acting like an instant access account being able to add and withdraw money at any time.

The one big caveat is obviously the monthly £9.99 charge, but considering this came as standard anyway with their premium Plus account, this could be quite tempting for those who were well invested in Freetrade anyway.

This comes after a number of new and recent developments with their Plus account including:

  • Limit orders
  • Stocks and shares ISA 
  • Priority customer support
  • Access to thousands more stocks, ETFs, and trusts that GIA account holders would otherwise not have access to

You can read more about the new update <<here>>.

2 thoughts on “Freetrade Announce 3% Interest on Cash Holdings

    1. Yeah I think this is great offering the 3% up to £4k….but only for those who were going to use the Plus account anyway and were fine with the £9.99 a month. They could just move say their emergency fund there that they would never invest anyway. But then again, that could be dangerously tempting and easy to invest your emergency cash…interesting though.

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