Freetrade diary #11 – November

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Wow, what a month it’s been for the markets.

Progress on the development of a number of vaccines saw markets across the world shoot up.

Everything seemed to jump significantly except the ‘Corona stocks’ (Zoom, Peleton etc.), with big tech also taking a hit.

I feel like I’m just preaching to the choir at this point, but this further proves no one can predict when these big positive days are going to happen. If you had sold out when markets tumbled in March/April and were waiting to get back in after the recovery, you’ve missed your opportunity – at least for now.

Obviously this applies more to passive investing than picking stocks. Passive investing is where the majority of my investment sit, this Freetrade portfolio is more of a fun play.

EV is going through yet another pump at the moment, namely NIO. As a personal rule I don’t invest in Chinese stocks as they aren’t open to external scrutiny and I don’t trust they’re wholly independent from the clutches of the CCP. And that’s where my political talk ends before I say something I regret.

Even Nikola have jumped despite having never even produced a prototype, let alone any actual drivable cars. If this isn’t one of the most obvious stock market scams in history I don’t know what is.

I have a lot of unanswered questions around the EV market to bother investing in it. As much as I like the idea, I just don’t think the infrastructure to support it is there at the moment, especially in the U.K. The valuation of Tesla and the like seem so inflated yet they just keep rising. I’m happy to miss out on these gains for my own sanity to be honest.

As for any activity in the portfolio, I’ve bought nothing. It’s been great seeing the value of the portfolio rise but I’m cautious this could be temporary, especially if we get any news in delays to the vaccines.

I continue to add monthly to the funds, but in regards to Freetrade I’ve done very little.

I am keeping an eye on increasing my holding in Cloudflare and Sony once I deposit more funds or sell something to free up some liquidity.

A couple of dividends too; one from Unilever, another from Mastercard.

One of the biggest developments this month has been the announcement that a number of shares will be moving over to the ISA/Plus only accounts. You can check if any of yours are in this list by scrolling to the bottom where it says ‘Freetrade Account’ and select ‘Plus only’. 

I think this is fair enough; they have to make their money somehow. I received a notification the other day that my L&G Cyber Security ETF will be moving to Plus only. 

This means I am still able to continue holding this ETF and also sell it, but as of the transfer date, I will no longer be able to buy any more. I have however sold this EFF though to put it back into stocks I’m more vested in.

Disappointingly I believe this is happening to some of the more popular stocks like Greggs and Marston’s Brewery, but I can’t quite remember so I have requested clarification from the awesome Freetrade customer service team and will update this post once I can confirm.

The Plus only selection of stocks and ETFs are, however, reserved for what looks like more specialist and small cap investments for the most part. So unless you’re a really serious investor looking for the next Amazon from the small-fry, quite frankly £9.99 a month is looking a little steep. 

Some of those specialist ETFs include a number of video game and E-Sports ETFs. As a big gamer I’d like to look into this more once big events are allowed again as the growth of e-sports has been rapid and only looks like it’ll continue to grow.

Anyway, that’s about it for this month. Nothing much of note. I’m hoping for a little dip in some of my holdings so I can report back next month with something more to talk about.

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