Freetrade diary #6 – June

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Even less to report from last month…I’ve just not been buying in my Freetrade account since the market rally.

I did buy a little more Visa and Mastercard with the remaining cash I had in my account though.

Strange thing happened when I did so, my cash balance showed -£0.01. After a quick message to their consistently brilliant customer chat service, I was just advised this was a glitch and to top up my balance to counter this.

I mean, yeah, it was only 1p but quite alarming that this could happen – I assume this had something to do with exchange rates having used the last of the cash to buy U.S shares.

Anyway, the only other notable events were receiving a nice dividend from Unilever which is almost back in the green at last, and a tiny 3p dividend from one of my free shares – it did give me a chuckle.

I’m considering taking profit from my Tesco holding and buying into more Disney while I’d still be significantly lowering my average, but selling isn’t something I’m too familiar with being a long term investor, so I’m pretty hesitant.

Onto July and hopefully a little more to report next month.

Stay safe.

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