nothing will change

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I can see it now.

As Boris lifts more and more restrictions, the spendthrift intent starts to rear its head, ready to be unleashed like the Exchequer on the eve of the budget announcement.

Fiscal irresponsibility has been locked away in its cupboard for months but has heard the key begin to turn.

The savings that were made – for lack of opportunity more than willpower – will be gone once the landlord calls “last orders” on the first night of opening. Nothing will change.

Silver linings that were realised in our darkest hours since Dunkirk – clearer waters, nature returning to its rightful place, pollution decreasing – will become just a footnote on a year remembered as the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve.

Throughout lockdown journalists and the public alike have continually questioned if this is a turning point for humanity; have we finally realised the impact of our destructive tendencies on the planet and our fragile supply chains?

Throughout lockdown – while seeing a positive side to society we haven’t seen in a long time – I’ve continually refused to accept anything will change once we return to normality.

Returning to normality is just that. A return to our self-destruction, over-consumption, planet decimation, human marginalisation and exploitation. Nothing will change.

Consumption will bring greed; greed will take advantage of good-will and the good-will -which saw large chunks of our society sacrifice and put care above all – will be superseded by the need for consumption and the whole process will start again.

Nothing will change.


Yours Sincerely

– Pessimist




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