Freetrade diary #4 – April

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Disclaimer – None of what I write constitutes as advice but merely serves as a record of what I have decided to invest in personally. You should always do your own research before investing in any financial product or vehicle.

Disclaimer 2 – I am not, nor do I purport to be, a super duper stock picking whizz kid. There will not be deep analysis in this post, it’s just merely a summary of my thoughts around my decision to buy the certain stocks that I have bought. 

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It’s been a quiet month on the buying front for my Freetrade portfolio.

Given the unjustified rally in the stock market I just haven’t seen any value in anything for the majority of this month.

I topped up a little on TSCO and PETS at the start of the month and received a small dividend from Diageo.

I did top up on ULVR for the first time since last year, unfortunately missing last month’s low of ~£38. My average price is still higher than I’d like it to be, but I’m hoping for sub £40 before I buy in again.

Unilever announced it will continue to pay a dividend despite a slip in sales. But this is due to be expected in the current climate.

My only other purchase this month has been Disney.

I’ve been watching this for a while and was gutted I missed the lows of last month but I did top up at under $100 a share. I’ll be keeping a close eye every time this drops another $5.

There has been no significant news with DIS. The deal with Sky TV is interesting and means Disney+ gets even more exposure to UK consumers. Ironically I’m not a huge Disney fan except for their Star Wars and Marvel IPs, but I know many people who have signed up to the steaming service and who will almost certainly continue it after the lockdown is lifted. This is, of course, all anecdotal and bares no weight to any of my investment decisions, but it’s interesting to consider nonetheless.

Referral shares

I’ve received 3 new free shares this month which is amazing! Thank you to anyone reading this who used one of my codes.

The first is JP Morgan Scottish American:


Invested mostly in the usual big US names, this one invests in a range of equities, bonds and property.

Next up we have JP Morgan Indian Investment:


Another from JP Morgan, but something a little more interesting.

I actually invest a small amount in Jupiter’s India fund in my main account owing to them having one of the largest young workforces in the world (incredibly around 25% of under 25s) along with a growing middle class, but an unstable geopolitical position and the country not unfamiliar with corruption makes this a risky play.

It’s certainly an interesting area of the emerging market sector and makes for an exciting rollercoaster ride.

And finally we have


This is a pretty fun one! I love receiving shares that I would never otherwise consider buying normally.

I haven’t done too much looking into this one, but it looks like it’s had a topsy turvy time over the last few years. Let’s see how the next few years go.


As for the platform itself, we’re hearing fractional US shares are closer than ever. I’ve been pulling together a watchlist of US shares I may take advantage of when this becomes an available option.

Coca-Cola; Visa; Mastercard; Sony; Oracle; Cisco to name a few.

This will open up a whole loads of options so I’m eagerly anticipating this release.

And finally, one of the new investment trusts has caught my eye: Augmentum Fintech. This trust allows retail investors to invest in some of the UK’s brightest finance apps and tech that would otherwise be closed off but for private investors.

I’ve had a brief looks at their portfolio and I’m not overly impressed (was ambitiously hoping for Starling of Monzo in there) with some budgeting and bookkeeping apps and a few P2P lenders, which I’m staying away from for the time being. But I’ll keep reading around their wider portfolio and see if it could be a possible high risk play.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe.

5 thoughts on “Freetrade diary #4 – April

  1. Well done on the free shares! My latest one is Greggs, which I’m well chuffed about!

    Interesting that the US companies on your list to buy for fractionals are all on my list too (my list is pretty big!) I’m thinking of running a fun portfolio of US fractionals so looking forward to that.


    1. You know I was browsing Freetrade’s Twitter today (even though I don’t have an account I just like to go on their page every now and again) and noticed they had retweeted you mentioning your Greggs share. That’s such an awesome share to get!

      Yeah that sounds like a good idea! I’ve since added the big tech companies to that list too along with Cisco and Oracle.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m beta-testing fractionals so will probably include a mention in my next monthly update. I’ve gone for the tech companies in the first instance!


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