6 U.K shareholder perks you may not be aware of

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Disclaimer – None of what is written in this article constitutes as financial advice nor recommendation to buy any of the shares mentioned. Always do your own research or seek independent, financial advice when looking to invest. 

Owning shares in a company has many potential financial benefits, whether that’s seeing the share price rise and selling for a profit, or taking regular dividends as a form of secondary and/or passive income.

However, a number of shares have additional shareholder perks that come with having a holding in a particular company.

These can range from discounts and vouchers to freebies and even invites to company events.

It’s important to note that if you hold any of these companies within a fund, you will not be entitled to the benefits that someone investing directly in the share would be.

I wanted to take a look at 6 shares that offer additional perks and what their shareholders can receive from trusting their hard earned money to these companies…


Bloomsbury Publishing (BMY)


Established in 1986, Bloomsbury is one of the largest U.K publishing houses, operating worldwide.

The company is traded on the FTSE SmallCap Index (currently unavailable on Freetrade) and offered an average dividend yield of 3.4% in 2019.

Shareholders that own one of more shares can benefit from a 35% discount on all books published by Bloomsbury. In order to take advantage of this offer, you will need to fill out the form on their website to receive a discount code which can then be used when purchasing books through their website.

Not too bad a deal considering one share (at the time of writing this) costs only £2.84.

This can also be arranged through your broker if you have purchased shares of Bloomsbury through a third party.




The multi-national telecoms giant not only provide millions of people across 180 countries with wifi, communication equipment and tv packages, they also offer an array of benefits to their shareholders.

There’s nothing I could find that states if there are a required number of shares you need to own, but nonetheless to access these discounts you’ll need to open a BT Shop online account and then register as a BT e-shareholder. After you’ve received your confirmation  letter, you can log into your account you will need to go to ‘My Account’ -> ‘Employee, Pensioner or Shareholder Discount Scheme’ and select ‘BT e-shareholder’. You’ll receive a confirmation by email within 24 hours once this is all set up.


Legal & General (LGEN)


One of the U.K’s largest financial services companies, L&G offer a number of discounts on their products and services for the small price of just one share: currently at around £3.18.

Offers include 25% off life insurance premiums, 2% cash-back of an initial lifetime mortgage loan amount and 1% cash-back on contributions to the Legal & General Junior ISA, along with many others.


Next (NXT)


The clothing retailer offers a 25% voucher once a year, issued in April to anyone who holds 100 shares or more and expire on 31st October later that year.

If these shares are held in an ISA, then you will need to contact your provider who will then write to The Company Secretary’s Department on your behalf.

There is no limit to the value of goods that this voucher can be used towards.


National Grid (NG.)

national grid

This FTSE 100 company provide gas and electricity primarily across the U.K and the east coast of the US.

Owning shares in National Grid gives the holder the opportunity to go into a ballot to be chosen to take part in a two day event (accommodation and food provided) to visit operational sites and meet the senior employees; a nice opportunity to get close to those responsible for the performance of your investment.

To qualify, you need to own just one share which is currently sitting at around £10.37.



Brewdog logo with a black lettering and white dog image

Brewdog are one of the biggest success stories in online crowd funding. The two owners –    James Watt and Martin Dickie – started from humble beginnings brewing beer with their dog by their side (hence the name) and have grown to one of the largest brewers of beer in the U.K by a combination of trendy, online (and sometimes controversial) marketing to  opening their own bars in key locations.

Brewdog are differ somewhat from the others listed here. They’re not a publicly traded company listed on any stock exchange, but you can ‘invest’ money directly with them through their ‘Equity for Punks’ program online or you can buy a shares voucher in one of their Brewdog bars.

They began this in 2009, two years after they were founded.

The type of perks you receive are based on a sliding scale of how much you have invested.

Benefits of investing in Brewdog

Despite not yet being publicly listed, you are able to sell these shares if you can find someone willing to buy them. Brewdog also host annual ‘Trading Days’ for investors to sell their shares back to the company.

Brewdog are currently under consultation to take the company public, but nothing has been confirmed just yet.


Shareholder perks are an interesting added bonus to owning shares in a company, and while sometimes being quite generous, would never be the sole reason for me buying some.

There are many other U.K companies, not listed in this post, that also offer perks. It’ll be worth taking some time to see what benefits and offers you can glean from your portfolio.




4 thoughts on “6 U.K shareholder perks you may not be aware of

  1. The only shareholder benefits I was aware of was Brewdog, which I have used a couple of times.

    As a long term holder of shares in Bloomsbury and L&G, I had no idea there were benefits so thanks for drawing them to my attention!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure! There are tonnes more I found while reading around the subject for this post. So much so I may do a part 2 at some point. What platform do you use to buy shares in Bloomsbury btw?


      1. I was disappointed they weren’t on Freetrade. I’d happily buy 1 share just to get the discount. I could easily spend £100 just on hard backs and that discount is a good book and a half for free for the price of a coffee 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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