Blog Updates – Links and Podcasts

Financial education is woefully lacking in the U.K at every stage of life, and while Martin Lewis has this nailed down on his site Money Saving Expert, I wanted to create something for all learning styles.

As a result, I am in the process of creating a number of useful links to resources of all mediums: websites, books, video channels, articles, forums, podcasts etc. for anyone to jump into and use as they see fit.

Because we don’t all learn from reading…

     …and reading…

                                                                                    …and reading…*Snores loudly*

Some of us like a good physical book to escape the relentless screen time we all seem to be destined to face in this modern age; some are visual learners; others may prefer to learn through likeminded individuals and discuss topics at a similar educational level, or be challenged against those that know a lot more. There are also those of us that like to drift off and be talked at through a podcast while we go about our daily routine.

So above you will find two, I hope, handy resources: the podcasts and the list of useful links and resources to other sites and channels.

These will be continually updated, and none will be added that I haven’t used personally and have subsequently found incredibly useful.

If you know of any that I could add, please feel free to comment or message me directly.

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